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About Pruikduif

By turns restless and exciting, Ghent based band Pruikduif mixes a post-punk attitude with challenging pop tunes. Raw song structures give way to expressive instrumental outbursts.
You can recognize their specific sound as a very energetic one, using unconventional rhythms intertwined with elusive vocals. Squeaked, beeped and mumbled words keep their performance within an unspoken, arousing abstract.
Odd, yet highly memorable.


Pruikduif was formed by four friends as the result of a ping pong jam session.
With no real ambitions they started playing for the sheer fun of it. Soon a bunch of ''songs'' emerged and the band started playing live shows. As they focused on live performance, their songs were subjected to a constant flow of change. They would play in bars, squads and on art shows, in search of their own sound. In 2012 Pruikduif was selected to play at Boomtown Festival, they then realized the time was right to start building their own recording studio. With just a small budget and a strong belief in DIY-principles they started to record and mix their debut EP janapaman, giving it their own distinctive sound.
After finishing the mixes, Pruikduif successfully applied to be part of Record Store Day 2015. Musicmaniarecords subsequently offered to release janapaman on its label.

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